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We have one commitment when working with you. That is to exceed your expectations while getting you the best possible price, terms, and conditions when you buy a home. By enrolling in the Buyers Advantage Program, you will receive the advantages listed below.

Amazing Programs & Services - Unique to our Team!

1. Sell for FREE*:

When you work with us, we will sell the home you buy through us for free. This is how it works: During the first 12 months after your closing, if you are dissatisfied with your new home purchase for any reason at all, you simply let us know and you will get our incredible home selling system at no charge from us. We will list your home until it sells at your price for up to 12 months after the initial listing date with us. During this period, any commissions paid on the sale of the home will be paid directly to the agent that brings the buyer for your home and not to us.

2.  Home Hunter Service:

Our Home Hunters Service gives you a backstage pass to the MLS, as if you were an agent.  You will have the ability to see all the homes for sale based on your own search criteria and more importantly, get to act on them before most agents even show them to other buyers. This service puts you in the position to act quickly on some of the best deals in the market.

3.  Distressed Sellers Program:

Get access to motivated sellers who are looking to sell their homes because they are in foreclosure; an absentee owner; have had their home on the market for more than 6 months, or are currently carrying two homes. These homes represent great bargains and you will have access to them.

4.  Strategic Negotiation Experience:

Our office is part of the largest real estate company in United States. We have the real estate experience to work to get you the best price, terms, and conditions on your home purchase. Helping over 150 clients per year gives us the know-how to deal with unique negotiation situations.

5.  Customized Loan Programs:

Our preferred mortgage affiliates have the experience to get you a loan program that meets your financial needs best based upon the house you want to buy. They are skilled in creative financing to limit the amount of money you need to come to closing. They are experts at getting you the best rates and even getting you into your home without having to make a payment for the first 60 days that you live there.

6.  Private Sellers & Upcoming Listings:

We have access to private sellers that might not be listed publicly and to sellers who are getting ready to list.

7.  Cancellation Guarantee:

Our Cancellation Guarantee backs all of these services. If you are not completely satisfied with the job we’re doing for you, you can cancel your agreement with no additional charges from us.



1. Agree that you are using The Home Experts For You real estate team to help you buy your home which simply means that you will:


  •   Give us your search criteria so we can set you up on the Home Hunters Service.
  •   Notify us of any home that you want to see and we will show it to you as quickly as possible.
  •   Allow us to prepare, present, and negotiate any offer you want on any home you’d like and we will use our skills and experience to work to get you the best possible price, terms, and conditions on the home. This includes new construction homes, FSBO, and any home you find either on your own or through us.
  •   Inform all other agents, builders, and home sellers that you are working with our Team if you should come in contact with them without us being there.
  •   Get pre-approved with our lender or another lender prior to viewing homes.
  •   Sign a buyer’s agency agreement with The Home Experts For You team


2. You have the right to cancel this agreement without penalty at any time up to the time we present an offer, on your behalf, to a potential seller. Should you want to cancel, you agree to do so in writing within 72 hours notice and deliver it to your representative from The Home Experts For You team. You also agree to let us remedy the situation, failing which, you will be released from our agreement.





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Home Buyer                Date                                                                 Team Member                        Date                                                                                                                                           


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Home Buyer                Date



Buyer’s Advantage Conditions & Limitations*

The “Sell for FREE” advantage is limited in nature, time period, and scope. Further, this advantage is only in reference to the fees charged by us. It does not cover, include, or refer to, in any way charges by other parties, such as buyer’s agent commissions, closing costs, etc. This refers specifically to fees charged by us. No investment properties are included.


We are not lenders and while we will communicate with potential lenders. Your qualification for a loan or mortgage depends upon your particular circumstances, which are beyond our control, including your income, assets, existing debts, and various credit reporting issues. We make no guarantees in this area beyond the use of our efforts and experience.


You hereby indemnify and hold harmless us and our agents, employees, officers, directors, and affiliates against any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities whatsoever, joint or several, which may arise out of or in connection with these services and guarantees and our performance in regard to same. This indemnification and hold harmless provision shall not apply to any intentionally wrongful acts or gross negligence of said parties. Further, said indemnification and hold harmless shall be cumulative in regard to any other rights or defenses.  

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